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Mobile Electronics Association has partnered with a profession SEO provider focused on our channel. Here are some of the advantages over other SEO providers:

Higher Value - Pay-Per-Click only gets 6% of all web traffic.  SEO gets 94% of all web traffic.  This bigger pool of customers makes your cost per click much less than with PPC.

12-volt specificWe don't do plumbers or lawyers. Our team spent 5 years tracking and accumulating what works for 12-volt stores. Don't let some online or local SEO company learn our industry on your dime.

Volume pricing - Everything's cheaper in volume.  This SEO package is sold to single stores for $1200-$1400/month.

Builds equityYou are probably doing Pay-Per-Click which stops when you stop paying. With Search Engine Optimization, you build traffic that adds equity to your website. This has a lasting effect even after you have stopped spending money on SEO.

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