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Mobile Electronics Magazine is the Industry's #1 Resource

Mobile Electronics® magazine, The Industry’s #1 Resource, has been published for 31 years. We have over 12,000 qualified subscribers from owners and decision makers to installers. We now publish the magazine in-house and deliver the magazine in a monthly print issue and now a digital edition for reading from a hand-held device. Our new digital edition allows the advertiser to “point” the reader to a specific webpage.

ME-mag.com, our magazine website, not the new digital edition of the magazine. It features industry news, product info, blogs, and our new Jobwire classified ad board. Ads can be linked to “point” the reader to a specific webpage.

Hotwire, our e-newsletter. It’s emailed twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It includes industry news, press releases, advertising and now classified ads. Ads can be linked to “point” the reader to a specific webpage.

Social Media: Our Facebook page answers questions about in-vehicle technologies. It’s linked to Mobile Electronics® magazine, and it’s here where you can connect with other industry professionals can connect on hot topics.

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